Sunday, 9 March 2014

trying to find a balance...

wow time really does fly!

I have been in my new job for 5 weeks now and I have to admit I am really struggling to find the get up and go to be creative in my free time. I can't seem to find a balance between going to work, relaxing, chores etc and being creative!? There never seems to be enough hours in a day...
I am yet to do any doodling this month, I haven't designed anything for ages and I can't remember the last time I made something! Not good!
I need to push myself to start actually creating work instead of just thinking about it and putting it off for another day. I have a few ideas floating around in my head at the moment so hopefully that will lead to a turning point in my life juggling act. *shrugs*

One thing I have decided is that I won't be posting anymore TOP TWEETS OF THE WEEK! 
I'm afraid I don't go on Twitter enough these days to keep up with all the great tweets that share amazing art or inspirational articles etc. I do however try to retweet any fab tweets I come across so feel free to follow me!

In other news I entered a competition back in February to win £5000 to spend at Heals. You had to use products from the Heals website to create a moodboard of your dream room, I chose to create a theme for a design studio/reading snug...

© Amanda Grayland 2014

It's not one of my best moodboards but nevertheless I did enjoy picturing the room and what I thought would work well together! 
If I did win I don't think the £5000 would cover all of this though! :D

Finally, I'd like to share some good news! Some of you may remember this post I wrote sharing that I had entered into a competition to win the Make It In Design Scholarship (in association with Print & Pattern) well...


© Amanda Grayland 2014

Out of 300+ entries I have made it into the top 50! whoop whoop! :D 
You can see my design (above) among the first 25 shortlisted entries that were released on the Make It In Design blog today, click here.
How great is that!? I never thought I'd be in with a chance! 
They announce the winner on Tuesday so fingers crossed!!! :D

So there we have it! I hope you have had the pleasure of experience the first signs of Spring with a sunny fun packed weekend!

Amanda x
*skips off*

Sunday, 23 February 2014


Here we go again! Here are my TOP TWEETS OF THE WEEK!!


In 5th position this week is a tweet from illustrator Ben O'Brien who is working on some new prints based on classic Adidas shoes, here's a sketch Ben shared in this tweet...

Ben O'Brien

I can't wait to see how they turn out! If you'd like to see more of Ben's work then you can visit his website if you click here.


In at 4th place is a tweet from the talented Melanie Matthews who shared this lovely drawing...

Melanie Matthews

Isn't it fab!? I think so! :D 
I thoroughly recommend that you check out more of Mel's work on her website, just click here!


In at number 3 is a tweet from Chris Andrews who shared this great close up image of one of his print...

Chris Andrews

I'm a big fan of Chris' work! If you are interested in seeing more then you can visit his website click here.


In 2nd place is a tweet from the Crafts Council UK who shared this great video insight into the work of potter Katharina Klug...

I do love a bit of pottery! :D The way Katharina uses hand drawn elements with the glaze is beautiful, click here for her website.


My TOP TWEET OF THE WEEK! comes from the fabulous Print Club London who shared this amazing print by Caroline Koo...

Caroline Koo

The orange definitely won me over, such a powerful image! 
Print Club London have this print and many others that are just as amazing for sale on their website, click here.

So there we have it! Until next time! :D

Amanda x

Sunday, 16 February 2014


Wahey! It's back!!! Here are my TOP TWEETS OF THE WEEK!!


In at number 5 this week is a tweet from print company Sunny Todd who shared this image from the Interiors Pinterest board of pattern designer Cara, the force behind Pattern Booth!

So many colours and patterns and yet it looks great! Although it might make you feel a little dizzy/sick if you had to walk down those stairs everyday! :D
If you love bright colourful patterns then Sunny Todd is worth checking out, click here for the website.
If you would like to check out a variety of pattern inspiration then I thoroughly recommend that you visit Cara's Pattern Booth blog, click here.


In 4th place is a tweet from one of my favourite print designers, Tamasyn Gambell who shared this photo of screen-printing her Textured Stripe fabric...

Tamasyn Gambell

Oh to be screen-printing on fabric again :( 
I love Tamasyn's designs, she has a great way with colour and composition. Don't believe me? well click here for her website to see I'm right! :)


Number three is a tweet from the inspiring Alex Mathers from Red Lemon Club who shared this fab comic from the wonderful Grant Snider...

Love it! :D
Grant's work has featured a lot in my Top Tweets so it was lovely to see his work being shared on Twitter. You can see more of Grant's creations on his website, click here.


Another fabric printing related tweet sits in 2nd position from Sarah Waterhouse who has been testing colours for her S/S14 fabric collection and sharing photos on her Instagram feed...

Want to see more? Well if you click here you will be sent to her website and if you click here then you will be whisked away to her Instagram feed!


My TOP TWEET OF THE WEEK! comes from London Print Studio who are constantly sharing amazing prints on Twitter/Facebook and this one is a corker! 

London Print Studio -
Clara Bacou

twit twoo!! :D To find out more about London Print Studio click here for their website.

So there we have it! Until next time! :D

Amanda x

Sunday, 9 February 2014

creativity is on hold...

Hello hello,

I'm afraid there is no TOP TWEETS OF THE WEEK! this week, sorry :(
Last Monday I started a new full-time office job and I have to admit it has been a shock to the system! :D
I've found that after spending all day staring at a screen, I then didn't want to spend my evening doing the same! *shrugs*
Therefore I haven't managed to keep up to date with my social media and my creativity has waned a bit this week but I have been trying to keep up with my doodling which you can see on my Instagram feed, click here.

I am hoping once I've relaxed more into a routine then I'll be back on track and my TOP TWEETS OF THE WEEK! will be back next week!

Moving on, do you remember this blog post where I shared my 5 entries into the Tigerprint Everyday Surface Pattern competition? No?
Well I am pleased to announce that one of my designs has made the shortlist! :D

This was the design that made the list...

© Amanda Grayland 2014

There were over 900 designs submitted so to be within the 85 that have been shortlisted I am very happy! :D
You can see the rest of the chosen designs here.
I must admit I felt this was the weakest design out of the 5 that I entered so I am not holding much hope of getting further in the competition, there are quite a few great designs that have been shortlisted!

In other news I have a new project to work on!
I may not have mentioned this before but I can tap dance! :D I have been tapping away since I was around 3yrs old and I love it to bits!
I go to a lovely local dance school called Judith Wilson's School of Dance, they have their dance show this year and I have been asked to choreograph a tap dance for one of the senior classes! I'm really looking forward to it! :D 

So on that note I am going to leave you with this great group, Rhythmic Circus, I recently stumbled upon on YouTube who mix live music with tap dancing, enjoy! :D

Amanda x
*taps away*

Sunday, 2 February 2014


Hello there! I hope you've had a great weekend! Here are my TOP TWEETS OF THE WEEK!!


In at number 5 is a tweet from graphic illustrator Will Scobie who shared the following illustration...

Will Scobie

I love Will's unique style within his illustration work especially how he adds bursts of colour. I've always been drawn to linear based art so it is no surprise that I like Will's work, if you're currently thinking 'yes, I quite like this too' then you are in luck! There is more of his work on his website, just click here! :D


In 4th place this week is a retweet from author and illustrator Steve Antony. I have only started following Steve recently after stumbling across someone tweeting about his new book The Queen's Hat which looks like a fab children's book and a great story! 
Steve often retweets great work by other authors/illustrators and this retweet shared the following doodle by Karl Newson...

Karl Newson
I just thought it was utterly adorable and had to share it in my top tweets! :D


It was #hourlycomicday on Saturday where you attempt to draw a comic using each hour of your day. There were a few people I follow on Twitter having a go so at 3rd place is Dan Berry's tweet sharing his #hourlycomicday comics. Here's a taster...

Dan Berry

:D You can see Dan's #hourlycomicday comics in full on his website, just click here, it's a great read!


In at number 2 is a tweet from illustrator Melanie Matthews who is currently working on a fab personal webcomic project called Kuma: Sumotori. Sumo wrestling animals!? what more could you want!? :D
Here are the sketches she shared in this tweet...

Melanie Matthews

I absolutely love Melanie's drawings and can't wait for the story to begin in June! You can find out more about Kumo: Sumotori on Melanie's designated Tumblr blog here and you can see more of Melanie's work on her website, just click here.


My TOP TWEET OF THE WEEK! is this gorgeous digital print tweeted by London Print Studio...

Freya Harrison

I love this! The colours, the depth, that light, it is a lovely illustration to look at! 

So there we have it! Until next time! :D

Amanda x

Friday, 31 January 2014

trying to make my dreams come true...

Dreams, everyone has dreams... well I gather everyone does? 

Some people's dreams may be simple, some may be practical and others may be down right outrageous! Are you really going to marry that world famous actor/rockstar?? You don't even live in the same country! ;-D

but either way, they are there, perhaps when you are dozing off or waiting for a bus...

I am a big dreamer, I spend far too much of my time living in my own little dream world and yes I often dream up random life scenarios that probably won't happen like winning the lottery... 
or performing on stage with the Tap Dogs...
or bumping into my future husband in some rom-com film inspired situation *ahem* 
ha! :D

But one thing I have learnt since finishing my degree, which is probably a result of having too much time on my hands and too much time to reflect on life, is that dreaming is good, great for the imagination in fact, but it is how you use them that is most important. 
If you hold onto the dreams that are achievable you can turn them into goals, because, lets face it, you are never going to get anywhere just sitting there dreaming, you have to be more pro-active! And the more determined you are then the bigger the dream you can chase!

I've never really had a goal in life but I have had plenty of dreams and I think it is about time that I stopped dreaming and started doing! :D If I keep dreaming of having a creative life then I need to start being creative!

I've noticed that I have already made a tiny step towards this as my Craft-a-Doodle book has inspired me to draw more and not waste my free time so much.

The next step I have taken is that today I have applied to win the Make It In Design Scholarship (in association with Print & Pattern)

Here's the prize:

*A free place on ALL FOUR MODULES of TheArt and Business of Surface Design (M1: Designing your way; M2: Creating your professional identity; M3: Monetising your designs; M4: Building your professional portfolio)
*Six months’ free membership of the MOYO Directory
*90 days’ free access to Stylesight

*The opportunity to be featured on the Print & Pattern blog, in MOYO Magazine and on the Make It In Design site
It would be a great prize to win and such an opportunity! Plus it would teach me so much more about pattern design and help to push me as a designer to create my own style, not mentioning the fact that some of the modules are full of business advice!
I am literally crossing everything!!! :D

You had to send two images of patterns you had designed with the application, here are the patterns I sent...

© Amanda Grayland 2014

© Amanda Grayland 2014

As you can see I am trying to be more creative by using textures and hand drawn elements.

So there we have it.

It's time to chase some dreams and set some goals! :D

*on a mission*

Sunday, 26 January 2014


Why hello there! 


In at number 5 this week is a tweet from Neil Stevens sharing his work on his Tumblr blog...

Neil Stevens

I love Neil's use of shape and colour! I really recommend that you check out Neil's work on his website and to visit his Tumblr blog, just click here.


In 4th place is a tweet from Print Club London who kindly shared this fab new print by Marco Lawrence...

Print Club London - Marco Lawrence

It reminds my of the kaleidoscope I had as a child :D
To find out more about Print Club London then you should go look at their website, click here.


In at number 3 is a tweet from Studio Imeus who created the following new print idea...

Day and Night - Studio Imeus

I think the concept is great and yet the overall composition is quite simple, love it! :D
If you are interested in finding out more about Studio Imeus then you will find their website if you click here.


In 2nd place this week is a tweet from the very talented illustrator/animator Tom Hovey who shared the following creation...

Tom Hovey

Isn't it great!? The colours are fab, especially that pink! :D
Tom's work is always a pleasure to look at and if you are a Great British Bake-Off fan (which I am! a HUGE fan! :D ) you'll be interested to find out that Tom is the clever man behind all the lovely illustrations of the baker's creations!
You can find out more about Tom and his work on his website just click here


My TOP TWEET OF THE WEEK! comes from the lovely people behind my most favourite magazine ever, Polly & Chris! They produce Wrap magazine which celebrates great illustration and design talents around the world as well as creative culture. PLUS in each issue there are 5 double-sided sheets of wrapping paper!!
I absolutely love their magazine and I really recommend that you check them out! Click here to be directed to their website.

Their tweet shared this beautiful piece by Marina Muun that was featured in issue 9 of the magazine...

Marina Munn - Wrap Magazine #9

So there we have it! Until next time! :D

Amanda x